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Harvest Moon - Back to Nature [U] ISO [SLUS-01115]

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Harvest Moon rates this game: 5/5
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a video game in the farm simulation series Harvest Moon, developed by Victor Interactive Software. It is the only Harvest Moon game developed for the PlayStation, as well as the first Harvest Moon game for a non-Nintendo console. Characters from Harvest Moon 64 were transferred to be the characters in this game, although with new lifestyles, personalities, and relatives, including the wooable girls from Harvest Moon 64 (Ann, Elli, Popuri, Maria, and Karen).

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Rating:4.65/5 (By 409 Users)  

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Uploaded By: luga
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Download Harvest Moon - Back to Nature [U] (31M)
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Title Cover (Front):

Harvest Moon - Back to Nature [U] Front Cover

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Emurayden PSX [Version: 2.2] Size: 1776.67K
ePSXe [Version: 1.7.0] Size: 516.86K
ePSXe [Version: 1.60] Size: 280K
ePSXe STARTER PACK [Version: 1.7.0] Size: 1235.83K
ePSXe+BIOS+Plugins [Version: 1.6.0] Size: 8.9M
PCSX [Version: 1.5] Size: 165.5K
PSX [Version: 1.13] Size: 650.56K
Xebrta [Version: 09] Size: 501.92K

eq pcsx [Version: 0.1] Size: 354.72K

Mac OS X:
pcsx [Version: 1.5] Size: 1247.61K

FPse [Version: 0.10.19] Size: 1102.65K
FPse (Update) [Version: 0.10.45] Size: 1547.15K
psx4droid [Version: 3.0.5] Size: 3366.81K
PSX4Droid [Version: 1.1] Size: 568.52K


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